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i-Port Advance™

i-Port Advance™ is a small injection port worn on the body that users inject into instead of directly into the skin. i-Port Advance™ is for people on insulin injection therapy who want to minimise the intrusion of injections on daily life. It can be worn for 3 days or 75 injections, whichever comes first. i-Port Advance™ reduces the number of skin punctures from an average of 4-6 per day to just one every 3 days. i-Port Advance™ is suitable for adults and children. 




There were times before when diabetes restricted me because I didn’t want to take the extra injections. Now, with i-Port Advance™ I can enjoy the food because I don’t mind taking the extra injection, and I feel just like any other teen in the room.

Why Use i-Port Advance™?

i-Port Advance™ offers patient benefits of less pain, anxiety and improved quality of life

With i-Port Advance, you can:

  • Take insulin doses without the pain of additional skin punctures
  • Avoid skipped or missed meals
  • Minimise physical and emotional injection barriers
  • 10 Insertions vs. 120 Injections (Based on typical 30 day period)

Please inform your diabetes team responsible for your/your child’s care that i-Port Advance™ is being used.

In the past, the thought of additional injections each day was overwhelming to me. With i-Port Advance™, I now take those additional injections, allowing me better control and a better quality of life.

How to apply the i-Port Advance?

How to inject through the i-Port Advance?

How to remove the i-Port Advance?

Training Guides

User Guide iPort™

Information Leaflet iPort™


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