All MiniMed™ infusion sets and reservoirs work as a system with the pump by providing a unique interface designed for a more secure fit than standard luer connection.

The core part of this insulin delivery system is the MiniMed™ connection is patented*, unique and on every infusion set.

MiniMed™ connection is:

  • Ergonomic – with large grabbing surface for convenience
  • Secure - designed to reduce the risk of blockage, unintented insulin delivery and leaking

  • Providing confidence - audible click! indicates that all parts are connected and locked correctly



The 2 simple steps between a MiniMed™ Infusion set, reservoir and insulin pump.

Patients that had the chance to try both MiniMed™and standard luer connection preferred the MiniMed™ connection 3 times more.**

Feedback from our patients all over the world show that the MiniMed™ system is a trusted system: every year more than a hundred million MiniMed™ Infusion set and reservoirs are used by them.**


Selecting a reliable Infusion Set and Reservoir to suit you and your lifestyle, is important for successful pump therapy. They are integral to your diabetes management, and so should be chosen with care.