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Blood glucose meters support for your MiniMed™ insulin pump

Questions you may have about your Bayer blood glucose meter.

How can I get a CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4 blood glucose meter?

If you are using Minimed™ 640G Insulin pump, you will automatically get the CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4 blood glucose meter with your pump.

What test strips do CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4 use?

CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4 test strips are available on prescription. For more details call 09-9724489

Can I use CONTOUR® test strips with my CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4. meter?

No, CONTOUR® test strips are not compatible with CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4. Only CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4. test strips can be used with CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4 meters. 

How can I register my CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4?

Visit www.diabetes.ascensia.co.uk website to register your CONTOUR® LINK PLUS 2.4.

How can I get a user guide for my CONTOUR LINK® PLUS 2.4.meter?

Call Medtronic Israel's customer support at 09-9724489

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